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How to master Technical analysis skills.

Things i do to make me focus ,people mostly spend on entertainment ,if you ask me yea I agree i spend my time on Instagram, whatsapp chat,movies, webseries as net is grap my attention time ,days past i realised the things i done in past is totally waste and i do something to make money.

In my past i worked at Uber eats food delivery ,hotel front office , warehouse of royal Enfield Bike i don’t like anything of work like that but i just got an eye on the stock market before 3 Months of lock down .

Am very surprised and curious to know how this works I don’t where i need to learn to start on searching youtube I got some sales guys they sale but they don’t have the main income from trading.

I don’t like to read books in my college or school but i got attracted by Rich dad poor dad book,which all he say about system that doesn’t work we are learning,money’s are just paper, only your skills makes you better,

I’m starting it then he said about the 2008 stock market crash people in Derivatives trading(Option and future contract they earn more then big billions of money ,

The main he taught me about fake teacher on college and school they take lessons of what they don’t done in there life i got realised that how to come out of it and make money real .

I started reading trading books ,my first book is “The ultimate guide for trading on forex” i love that book so much because more then videos on YouTube the book thaught me so much of knowledge .

If we read books main important thing to notice is who is the author and what he does in life ,my first book my author was a forex trader. As per ” Robert kiyosk ” the word i get to believe the truth

How i came to learn stock market theories because basic technical analysis anyone can get to read but theory s like Eliot wave ,Gann, Fibonacci are difficult to read on books

So i searched course on it by profession any one cannot fully teach concept but after watch course we get little idea of what is that then after done that i came to book

The technical analysis books teach the me to connect the piece properly which i got from course,after finishing one concept i search many books on the same concept because I need accuracy on my trades,so i put all my time on learning and mastering the skills ,i lost more then 2 lack of Inr in stock market later i came to know am good chart analyst but bad trader .what am analysis came to truth my forecasting are good about 80 to 90 % accuracy.then i have a very little capital to trade on stock market moving with it now

Learning must be like

1. Start video to know the concept

2. Get book to read for perfect rules for the concept

3. Apply on different charts and get idea of what it’s teach to you

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