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Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

IN 2017 During my college days, I got bored of reading college books, At that time via YouTube first i heard about a man! yes, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr.Robert T. Kiyosaki first just a 5-minute video “Saying that the Education System is Failure ” am not a bright student or even a book worm but something with quotes attracted me,

This kind of book is not available in the local shop, after I ordered on Amazon it took 7 days to reach my hand, its my first time having a book other than academic, but this book is written in simple language and not as complicated as my college books

In the front heading page, a slogan makes me curious “What the rich teach about the money -that the poor and middle class don’t ” am from a family background of the middle-class family no one is business, initially I thought this was a word but the content of this book gives me a different view

Lessons:-Rich doesn’t for money(sound disgusting???)

Everyone works for money right ??? this is my mindset before but we are from different financial backgrounds right, in this lesson he talked about developing skills and working to learn not to run behind the money like poor and middle class

Here are rich people glowing the first thing is a mindset about money, people aim to earn money and run behind it people who earn a skill will make money to run behind as, and his words “money is just paper and numbers” so skills matter

so here is there key i learned from the book “Money is Paper and It Can Make People Work for it

comparison of Rich, Middle class, and poor people’s balance sheet

Poor peopleMiddle-class peopleRich people
Incomecash in via salarycash in via salaryRental Income
Mortgage Payment
Car Payment
Credit Card Payment
School Loan Payment
Mortgage Payment
Liability casMortgage
Car Loans
Credit Card Debt
School Loans
Consumer Loans
Credit Cards
Real Estate

In the above table, we get a clear perspective of how different classes of people are spending their money for assets, liability, and expenses but all this can’t be explained in a single blog. if you love this blog and want to escape from rat race I have given book link below

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