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Nifty 50 prediction Tomorrow

I have analysis the nifty with Fibonacci ratio and Eliot wave.And finally I got the point 50 on last trading day recovery from 18050 to close above 18200 ,may be any 2000 rupees note make the market to fall it’s Google chance for people to take trade on th level of 18000,17800 levels

From my analysis I got the point you can is {0} with the accumulation zone of “W Pattern ” which shows me the power of accumulation of people to get ride the rally. From the point {1} to {2} i got retracement swing from {0} shows me the Retracement of Fibonacci ratio Between 0.78 to 0.618

After that when I place my Fib retracement tool from point {3 to 2} got me a retracement ratio of between 0.5 to 0.618 level. If we put our eye Eliot wave from the point 0 to 1 got a big rally, and 2 to 3 a moderate but it’s a good raily but my curiosity on 4 to 5 level of end Eliot level will be little slow from my point .

if the nifty properly get back to raily i can exit with my Fib projections level of 0.618 At that level nifty At 18619 accuracy i get out my trade at 18600 wait for small down to get enter.

From the above article i am recording my observations and ideas of trading on nifty i not recommended anyone to trade ,it’s made for only education purpose so analysis and trade on your own i will meet you guys soon in next article.

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